Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switch

Highly reliable power redundancy for mission critical IT equipment

The Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switch (rSTS) safeguards the uninterrupted operation of mission critical IT equipment. Powered by two independent power sources, the rSTS rapidly switches from one source to the other automatically when the power supply used to power its connected load fails. For datacenter applications the rSTS allows power drop risk to be shared or distributed to each rack to prevent power loss for the whole system. The rSTS offers an efficient and reliable switch that supports the high redundancy requirements of mission critical power systems.

Metered rPDU


  1. Adopts SCR design instead of a relay as a switching device to increase reliability and handle high inrush current
  2. Supports power redundant configurations for high reliability


  1. Rack-mounted type with 1U size for easy installation and relocation
  2. Built-in SNMP for remote management
  3. LED indicators show power flow
  4. Self-test function


  1. Break before make prevents short circuits between two sources


STS16002SR / STS30002SR


Rated Current
STS16002SR : 16A
STS30002SR : 30A *


STS16002SR : CE / UL
STS30002SR : CE


Nominal Voltage : 200/208/220/230/240 Vac


Display : LED


STS16002SR : C20 x 2 pcs
STS30002SR : IEC309 / Hardwired

STS16002SR : C13 x 4 + C19 x 1 pcs
STS30002SR : IEC309 / Hardwired


Communication : SNMP


Operating temperature : 0~40℃


Typical Transfer Time : 6~10ms


Storage temperature : -15~50℃


Humidity : 0%~95% RH (non-condensing)


Audible Noise (at one meter) : <40 dB


Physical Dimensions (H x W x D)
STS16002SR : 43 x 440 x 385 mm
STS30002SR : 43 x 440 x 385 mm / 43 x 440 x 390 mm


STS16002SR : 4.85kg
STS30002SR : 7.6kg / 6.2kg


* Under the condition of 35 ℃; if the environment temperature is 36-40 ℃, the product should be de-rated to 25.6A.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.