Modulon (Modular UPS)

20kVA or higher, Modular UPS In the Delta UPS product line, the Modulon family features a three-phase modularization architecture for power rating requirements above 20kVA and supports datacenters, mid-large network equipments, data storage centers and financial balance centers. The word Modulon (Modular + on) highlights its core feature – for can purchase UPS systems with greater flexibility based on their initial unit needs and future needs for scalability to lower their TCO and maximize system benefits.

Product Portfolio

DPH Series, Three Phase UPS, 20 – 80/120 kVA

The next generation of modular UPS systems designed for ultimate availability, excellent performance, high efficiency, and ideally suited for medium-sized datacenters.

DPH Series, Three Phase, 25 – 75/150/200 kW, Scalable up to 800 kW in parallel

Ultron family are three-phase UPS systems for power rating requirements above 10kVA that support mission critical applications including industrial equipment, datacenters, traffic control facilities, broadcast stations and backbone networks.

DPH Series, Three Phase UPS, 50 – 300/500/600kVA

The world’s highest power density providing ultimate MW power protection with leading power performance and superior reliability

NH Plus Series, Three Phase, 20-480 kVA

NH Plus series is Delta’s new generation UPS featuring high efficiency, hot-swappable modular structure and N+X redundancy.