DPH Series, Three Phase, 25 – 75/150/200 kW, Scalable up to 800 kW in parallel

Introducing the next generation of modular uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS systems) designed for ultimate availability, excellent performance and high efficiency ideally suited for medium-sized datacenters.

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most business operations. One of the main concerns of datacenters is operational continuity. The most stringent datacenters require the highest availability possible to sustain mission critical functions, the backbone of business continuity. As data keeps growing and rising energy costs are the norm, datacenters will continue to be power hungry facilities. From a capital investment perspective, maintaining high efficiency and having the flexibility to rightsize a datacenter is a critical concern. The Modulon DPH is a modular UPS ideal for medium-sized datacenters demanding in peak efficiency and availability at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

- Fully fault-tolerant design to meet strict requirement on availability due to increased IT-dependent business operation
- Scalable flexibility to rightsize the infrastructure at the right time without over investment
- Industry leading power performance and efficiency to save energy cost that reduce the operational expense

The Modulon DPH is in a dimension of 19” enclosure providing rack-based agility to datacenter space arrangement and infrastructure setup. As a powertrain of datacenters, the Modulon DPH can integrate the power distribution in a same rack or through the deployment of paralleled rack enclosure depending on the power capacity requirement, a perfect combination of power protection and distribution to streamline the power management in the datacenters.-

Ultimate Availability 

The Modulon DPH supports ultimate availability to ensure the continuity of mission critical operations.

The datacenter constitutes the critical load in the daily operations of the organization. Cost of downtime due to critical load failure is extreme and runs between USD4,000 to USD6,000 per minute or even more. To achieve the highest availability possible for the datacenter, it is vital for the most reliable products or solutions supported by the shortest or even zero Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

The fully fault-tolerant design provides self redundancy to the control mechanism, cooling and power modules. Full control logic allows the system to self-synchronize in the event of main module failure and automatically switch to the backup for assured continuous operation.

Furthering the advantages, the hot-swappable functionality of critical components and modules improve the serviceability of the UPS system thereby reducing MTTR close to zero to assure maximum uptime and ultimate availability in the datacenters.

As illustrated, the Modulon DPH can run under inverter mode and bypass mode to sustain uninterruptible power supply to critical load:

In the event of STS module removal, the Modulon DPH still functions under inverter mode (normal mode without bypass utility backup). During failure in normal mode, such as over temperature, overload, short circuit, abnormal output voltage, or low battery, the Modulon DPH smoothly transfers over to bypass mode.

In addition, the Modulon DPH has a wide input voltage range of -45% to +25% and narrow output voltage regulation window to cope with harsh utility conditions, seamlessly providing stable power supply to the load. In the event of overload, the Modulon DPH supports 125% overload protection for up to ten minutes and one minute at 150%.

The Modulon DPH assures exceptional reliability and maximizes uptime to deliver six-nines availability contributing to the best-in-class practice to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

High Scalability 

Modularity Designed for Scalability

Scalable architecture allows you to optimize cost expenditure to meet your power demands and deliver uninterrupted services in line with the business growth without over-sizing the power capacity.

The plug and play design of power module supports vertical and horizontal expansion of power capacity at the right time with the right investment. In the situation of a single rack enclosure, the system can vertically scale from 25kW to 75/150/200kW and achieve N+1 or N+X redundancy in the same rack. As business demands grow, the flexibility of the Modulon DPH allows for parallel expansion of up to four units without requiring additional hardware.

The Modulon DPH offers the advantages you need without the high initial investment costs or sacrificing power capacity so as not to create investment excess due to capital waste.

High Efficiency

Excellent power performance and efficiency directly translate into significant reduction of operational costs.

Two key trends have developed in the world of datacenter operations – demand for power and the cost of that power. Today’s management is facing growing pressure to optimize performance for sustainability and growth.

Delta’s UPS solutions deliver one of the highest power performance and efficiency ratings available while reducing cost. The Modulon DPH delivers fully rated power (power factor=1, kVA=kW) providing the maximum power capacity to the load. Compared to UPS systems with output of PF=0.8 and PF=0.9, the DPH supplies 25% and 11% more power, respectively. Other than that, the fully rated power factor is supported by a “stronger” inverter design providing better power protection and quality to loads.

The Modulon DPH demonstrates excellent power performance with low total input harmonic distortion (iTHD<3%). Its reduced load pollution increases power quality, optimizes generator sizing to increase your investment savings, reduces installation costs, and extends the life of valuable equipment.

The Modulon DPH features excellent AC-AC efficiency up to 96% at half load and places itself among the highest in its class. In addition to energy saving, higher efficiency levels also mean less heat dissipation, giving way to lower cooling costs.

Excellent power performance and efficiency lower operation costs significantly. The Modulon DPH combines these benefits to provide high performance, efficient power protection to maximize operational savings for any datacenter.

Easy Maintenance

Hot plug and hot swap simplify the maintenance process.

The Modulon DPH hot plug and hot swap architecture makes best use of a modularity design for 50% faster time of repair compared to traditional UPS systems. Plug and play modularity also eliminates the risk of second fault occurrence caused by complex failure checking and removing processes. The reliability of maintenance and service is guaranteed, further assuring the system availability.


Model: DPH 75kW System / DPH 150kW System / DPH 200kW System

DPH Series 25 – 75/150/200 kW (Leaflet)

Model: DPH 200kW System

DPH Series 25-800 kVA (Brochure)

Model: DPH 75kW System

DPH Series 25-75 kW (User Manual)

Model: DPH 150kW System

DPH Series 25-150 kW (User Manual)

Model: DPH 200kW System

DPH Series 25-200 kW (User Manual)


DPH 75kW System / DPH 150kW System / DPH 200kW System


Power Rating
DPH 75kW System : 25, 50, 75 kVA
DPH 150kW System : 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 kVA
DPH 200kW System : 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 kVA


DPH 75kW System : 75 kW
DPH 150kW System : 150 kW
DPH 200kW System : 200 kW


Nominal Voltage : 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V (3 phase, 4-wire +G)
Voltage Range : 176~276 / 305~477 Vac *
Current Harmonic Distortion : < 3% ** Power Factor : > 0.99
Frequency : 50/60 Hz ***


Voltage : 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V (3 phase, 4-wire +G)
Output Power Factor : 1 (kVA=kW)
Voltage Harmonic Distortion : ≦ 2% (linear load)
Voltage Regulation : ± 1% (static)
Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz
Frequency Regulation : ± 0.05 Hz
Overload Capacity : ≦ 125%: 10 minutes; ≦ 150%: 1 minute


Standard : System communication port x 1, LCM port x 1, Parallel port x 2, Smart slot x 2, Output dry contact x 6, Input dry contact x 2, Battery dry contact x 2, REPO
Optional : SNMP IPv6 card, ModBus card, Relay I/O card, Battery cabinet temperature sensor cable, Battery cabinet status detection kit


Safety & EMC : BSMI, CE, EN62040-1


Other Features
Parallel Redundancy and Expansion : Module and system redundancy; Maximum 4 units
Emergency Power Off : Local and remote
Battery start : Yes
Event Log : 3000 records


AC-AC : 96% (Tested by TÜV)
ECO Mode : 99%


Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 40 ˚C
Relative Humidity : 0~95% (non-condensing)
Audible Noise (at one meter) : < 62 dBA


Dimensions (WxDxH) : 600 x 1090 x 2000 mm


UPS System
75kW System: 310 kg
150kW System: 320 kg
200kW System: 350 kg

Power Module
75kW System: 32 kg
150kW System: 32 kg
200kW System: 32 kg

Rack-mount PDC
75kW System: 32 kg
150kW System: 32 kg
200kW System: N/A

Battery Module
75kW System: 29.5 kg
150kW System: N/A
200kW System: N/A


System Frame
25kW Power Module
75kW System: 3
150kW System: 6
200kW System: 8


Maximum Capacity
Rack-mount PDC
75kW System: 1
150kW System: 2
200kW System: N/A

Breaker Module (for Rack-mount PDC)
75kW System: 6
150kW System: 12
200kW System: N/A

Battery Module
75kW System: 4
150kW System: N/A
200kW System: N/A


* Lower range 140/242~176/305 Vac is acceptable under 60~100% loading condition.
** When input vTHD is less than 1%.
*** Input frequency range can be adjusted up to 40Hz to 70Hz. Delta provides configuration service.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.